Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sooooo Cool...literally!

Biologist Susi Miller, USFWS, with one
of her study subjects.
I am super excited to announce that Brainy Girls has posted its first "Work It" feature!  I'm so excited, as a matter of fact, that I actually had to leave work a couple hours early so that I could write up the interview I conducted with Susi Miller, Polar Bear Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  She told me all about her job - what she does, who she works with, how she got there, and the best and worst parts of her work.  Additionally, she has some FANTASTIC advice for any of you young women out there who might be thinking about a career in wildlife biology.  So please take a look at the Work It page and read the interview.  And did I mention pictures?  No?  Well, there are pictures!  You can see for yourself just how hardcore Susi is - and I'll admit that I, for one, am just a little jealous of her job.  Ok, so I don't know if I would do so well in the cold climate, but still - she works with polar bears!  Have you read enough of me talking about the interview yet?  Yes?  Well, stop reading this and head on over to Work It!  Enjoy!


  1. Where can I read the Susi Miller interview??

    1. Great question! The interview was in the Sept./Oct. issue of Brainy Girls and is no longer online. However, if you send me your email address (write to brainygirlsblog@gmail.com) I'll email you back a pdf of that issue, containing the interview. Thanks! :D


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