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Did you miss something in a previous issue of Brainy Girls, or would you like to take another look at a particular article or interview that is not in the current issue?  Here you can access the previous issues of Brainy Girls, in .pdf form.  Simply click on the link and you'll have archived Brainy Girls goodness at your fingertips!  Once you get to the .pdf preview page, look at the upper left hand side of the page.  Click File, then Download, and save the file any way you like. Women's History Month (March 2013)
- Guest Blog by Courtney Dowell: Ze Future and Jean
- Guest Article by Amanda Wrigglesworth:  Science is a Girl's Best Friend
- Marci's Top 10 Coolest Inventions by Women

Art and Literature (Jan. / Feb. 2013)
- Art that Messes with Your Mind (3D chalk drawings) 
  - Wrap Your Head Around 3D Printing
- Interview: Darlene Schaper, Portland sculpture artist

Our Five Senses (Nov. / Dec. 2012)
- Making Sense out of Scents (perfume science)
- You're Going to Eat What, Now?!? (entomophagy)
- Interview: Dr. Dijana Ihas, music educator

Nice to Meet You (Sept. / Oct. 2012)
- Hello, Monkey - Meet Taxonomy!
- Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Curiosity Right Over!
- Jeepers, Creepers - Where'd We Get These Creatures?
- Interview: Dr. Susi Miller, USFWS polar bear biologist

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