Did you know that Brainy Girls has a YouTube channel?  It's true - and you can access it right here.  Our YouTube channel has all sorts of fun videos that you might enjoy, and we'll feature a few of them here that relate to Brainy Girls' current theme.  For April and May, we'll be looking at cycles - go here for our channel's playlist featuring videos relating to this topic.

While spirals aren't exactly cyclic, they have some amazing mathematical properties!  Ever heard of the Fibonacci sequence?  Take a look here and find out about what spirals in nature have in common!

Rhythm in music can be cyclic!  What else about music is cyclic?  And, by the way, DID YOU NOTICE THE SEA LION DROP THE BEAT???  Amazing that this animal can follow rhythm!

If you own a fish tank, it's likely that your fish tank have taught you a thing or two about the nitrogen cycle.  This video explains it all if you need a refresher!

Did you know that our body has daily cycles, including cycles within cycles?  Here, in her TED talk, Jessa Gamble talks about our sleep cycles.  Don't worry - it won't put you to sleep!

This should get you inspired to do some searching on the Internet on your own.  What can you dig up that inspires you to create, invent, think?

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