Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just for You - Blogs by Women in STEM Fields!

Just a quick post today to share some websites I've recently stumbled upon in my research for Brainy Girls.  Are you looking for inspiration from women in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)?  Blogs are a great resource because they provide current information, and are often written by STEM women themselves.  They offer insight and advice, a glimpse into these women's lives (sometimes both personal and professional), and information about research.  Who will you be inspired by?  Here are a few websites you might want to take a look at (in addition to this blog, and the websites found on the More Please page, of course!):

USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog - Looking for a list of brainy ladies, both current and historic?  Stop by this blog, which is featuring profiles of female science and engineering role models throughout the month of March.

Science Club for Girls Blog - One of their new projects features successful STEM women who have written letters to their younger selves.  Read their advice for tips on how to survive your teens, value yourself, and choose the path that is right for you.

Female Science Professor Blog - This blog is written by a university researcher who works in the physical sciences.  Read this blog for insight about being a science professor - what the job is like, both the ups and the downs, and the puzzlements that go along with each.

There are countless blogs like the three featured above, which I have really enjoyed reading.  If you want to see for yourself, take a look at these next two websites:

Fairer Science - This isn't a blog, but you'll definitely want to stop here for a list of women in science blog resources!  There are many links on this site, with a wide range in fields and perspectives.

Women in Science - 50 Must Read Bloggers - This is a list put together by the Phlebotomy Technician Schools.  Similar to the above link, this is a fantastic list of blogs you'll want to explore!

Wow, there really are too many blogs to list here.  But if you are interested in learning about what it's like to be in a science field from a scientist herself, I encourage you to explore, starting with the links above.  Blogs are a great way to get the inside scoop, and they tend to be more in-depth than a simple facebook post or tweet.  If you find an interesting blog that you want to share, leave a comment below!  I'd love to check it out!


  1. Thanks Marci for the many links, I've just started going through them. A bunch of the 50 must-read bloggers have moved on to other things (their past posts remain enlightening and entertaining). Maybe it's time to update that list with the next wave of amazing women.

  2. Young girls are STEM stars. At the bottom of this Atomic Kids website ( ) there is a short, remarkable video which features a combined 3rd-4th grade, hands-on, atomic theory science class. The video reveals that young children have much more advanced minds than we traditionally expect and that they can and will absorb atomic theory when it is presented to them in an interesting, hands-on manner. I strongly believe that the educational "experiment" displayed in the Atomic Kids video is a valuable resource that can be of invaluable service to our nation's Elementary STEM educators and to their young students as they learn their first grappling holds on our best existing scientific explanation of matter and energy in the Universe.

    1. Thanks so much for telling me about the Atomic Kids website and video - I also agree that young children are much more advanced than we give them credit for. And yes, young girls are STEM stars! I hope that we can learn lessons from projects like the ones Atomic Kids has shown to bring interest and curiosity about science and exploration to all kids from an early age. :)


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