Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet the Polar Bear Ambassadors!

Did you read the Work It interview with polar bear biologist Susi Miller?  She does a lot of work in a small village called Kaktovik in Alaska.  One of the things she's very involved in is trying to reduce negative polar bear - human interactions: it's all about polar bear safety!  So given all that I had learned about Susi's job, I was pleasantly surprised to see a recent article in the Arctic Sounder about a group of teenagers that are serving as Kaktovik Youth Ambassadors!  These four kids put in a full day at school, then spend extra time talking with tourists and visitors about how to be safe in an area that has a lot of polar bears.  These ambassadors have lived around polar bears their entire lives, so who better to promote polar bear safety?  Read the article to learn more about their work.  Way to go, kiddos!

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