Monday, March 18, 2013

Ze Future and Jean

Hi Brainy Girls readers!  Today we're trying something a little new for the blog.  We're featuring our first guest blogger, Courtney Dowell!  I met Courtney on my way to see Miss Representation (have you seen it?  You should, if you haven't!) and was struck by the uniqueness of Courtney's personality and her interest in science.  So I asked her to write a short piece on what she's interested in and who has served as a role model for her.  This is what she had to say!

Courtney and her role model, Jean.
“Yesterday, I considered becoming a nuclear engineer. Today I want to be a chemical engineer, but last week I read an article about environmental chemical engineers and I haven’t ruled that out yet. I absolutely love physics and chemistry, and no matter where my dreams of the future go, those little fellas are there.  In the past, this hasn’t been the most female-populated field, but that’s changing.  At OSU [Oregon State University], there are photos of the chemical engineering graduating classes along every wall, and in each year’s photo, there are more blouses and more hope that we will take over the world. (Just kidding. Sort of!) 

"Someone who has enhanced and encouraged my own excitement for these subjects is my grandpa’s best friend, Jean. I adore her. She’s the reigning queen of protecting the environment (yes, I mean that as a challenge). This woman has her roof solar paneled, rides her bike everywhere, and won’t buy over-packaged products. By day, she directs bands… and everyday, she also saves the world. She inspires this fiery hope in me to save the world, too. Besides being ridiculously clever, Jean’s one of the sweetest people I know and constantly awards me magical hugs that make me feel special, too!"

Courtney is a high school senior who enjoys reading, music, math, and ice cream. Her favorite books are To Kill A Mockingbird, The Physics of Superheroes, and the entire Harry Potter series.  Thanks, Courtney, for helping us honor our role models during National Women's History Month!  

Do you have a role model you'd like to tell us about?  Leave a comment below!  Or, if you are looking for some inspiration, check out FabFems, a site which features profiles of women who are successful across a variety of fields.  Tell us who inspires you!

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