Thursday, March 7, 2013

And it's International Women's Day, too!

Did you know that, tucked amongst the awesomeness that is National Women's History Month, is a day celebrating women around the world?  It's true - March 8 is International Women's Day, 2013!  The theme for International Women's Day is "The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum", which aims to draw attention to the progress made towards achieving equality for women around the world.  Let's acknowledge the accomplishments of our women and keep the momentum going for achieving women's equality everywhere!

Speaking of achievements, I've posted a new article for you: Marci's Top Ten Coolest Inventions by Women!  You can get to the list by clicking here or by simply visiting the Articles page.  Are you a budding inventor?  I'll bet everyone has some sort of idea that can better the world; it's just a matter of development and putting yourself out there and showing us what you've got!  And who knows - if you're persistent, you might make my next top ten list!  But you might have to think creatively because the cat duster has already been invented.  Darn!  Coming up with new ways to make cats good for something will just be that much more of a challenge.  Awww, just kidding.  I love cats.  All of them.  How'd we get onto cats?  I don't know but you should like cats too.  And also, visit the Brainy Girls facebook page and like it if you haven't already!  And tell your friends!

Alright, clearly it is time for bed.  Happy International Women's Day, and honestly, nurture your creativity.  It will be a valuable asset in your life!

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