Monday, September 17, 2012


Retro rocket launch by Avero

Well, hello there!  Thanks for joining Brainy Girls as we launch our braininess into the Interwebs!  I'm happy to finally say that we're ready to go live with our new blog, Brainy Girls.  With the exception of "Work It", you'll find that all the pages in the blog are ready for your reading enjoyment (and trust me, I'm working on Work It).  This blog is aimed at sharing cool and interesting news in the STEM fields with girls between the ages of 11 and 17 (or roundabouts - girls and women of ALL ages are welcome here!).  What are the STEM fields?  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Exciting, huh?  We want you to know that it's awesome to be brainy, and that you can be everything you already are, plus brainy too.

Here's how this blog works:
  1. READ - Every two months, you'll see a new theme for Brainy Girls.  All the old theme-related content will be removed for fresh new-themed articles, news, and other goodies.  Since this blog is so new and I want everyone who's interested to get a chance to take part in introductions, the theme for September / October is "Nice to Meet You".
  2. PARTICIPATE - Enjoy the blog!  If you want, leave a comment about what you read in the comment boxes found at the bottom of every page.  Or, you can sent a private email through the form on the Feedback page.
  3. SUBSCRIBE - Follow this blog!  There's a little button off to the right (see it?) that will guide you through the process.  When you check your blogger feed, you'll see new blog entries from Brainy Girls there.
  4. LIKE - If you're so inclined, "like" the Brainy Girls facebook page (there's a link on the left side of this page).  When you like the facebook page, you can join in discussions, ask questions, give  feedback on what you'd like to see in this blog, and you'll find out about blog updates and anything else I think you'll enjoy knowing about as a brainy girl.
  5. SHARE - Please share this blog and facebook page!  Tell your friends, your daughters, your daughters' friends. 
  6. REREAD - Don't freak out when the previous months' blog content disappears!  New content will take its place with a fresh theme.  AND, you can request a .pdf of previous months' content through the form on the Feedback page, so it will be available to you any time you like (once I figure out how to make a .pdf from this blog, that is).
Page from "This is Cape Canaveral"
by Miroslav Sasek, 1963
I am VERY much looking forward to meeting my readers and hearing back from you about what you'd like to read about on Brainy Girls.  I hope you love this blog and are as excited as I am to see it launch!

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